Porridge With Berry Compote

A satisfying start to your day with a porridge recipe worth waking up for! The compote can use any fresh berries in season to keep it varied around the creamy porridge base.

Cooking Level:    Easy
Timing:                  15 minutes
Serves:                   2


For the Porridge
100g pot of Microwaveable Porridge (available at most supermarkets)
60g Porridge Oats
30g Sugar
70g Cream
320g Water

For the fruit compote
100g Chopped fresh berries
100g sugar
Chai seeds to sprinkle
Fresh mint to serve

Cooking Method:

If using the microwave ready porridge follow the pack instructions when the compote is made. If making the porridge from scratch place all the porridge ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for 15 minutes, stirring frequently until it reaches a creamy texture.

In a separate pan place the chopped fruit and sugar. Mix well and bring to the boil slowly until the fruit is softened but still with some shape.

Spoon a generous portion of the porridge into each bowl then top gently with the fruit compote.

Serving Suggestion: Add some chai seeds and a sprig of fresh mint to serve.

Tips: Try to use pinhead oats for a good creamy texture. Adding a dash of red wine vinegar to the compote will bring out more flavour.